As my dear country - Montenegro, has published its audio of Kenz's vocal with LORD Željko's work, I think it's time for me to have a list which country in semi-final 1(and 2) will have a chance to pass through, which country may not get their tickets to enter into the final. I will also list the songs I've totally fallen in love with it, songs that sounds comme ci comme ça pour moi, and songs which aren't my cup of tea. Here we go.

In the First semi-final, there are two parts seperating into 8-8songs but competing together. 

The first part will be these songs, singers that will present their country.

Face The Shadow, singing by Genealogy, Armenia.


Rhythm Inside, singing by Loïc Nottet, Belgium.


Goodbye to Yesterday, singing by Elina Born & Stig Rästa, Estonia.


Aina mun pitää, singing by Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, Finland.

One Last Breath, singing by Maria-Elena Kyriakou, Greece.


Autumn Leaves, singing by Daniel Kajmakoski, Macedonia.


I Want Your Love, singing by Eduard Romanyuta, Moldova.



Walk Along, singing by Trijntje Oosterhuis, The Netherlands.


With these songs above, my favorites are songs from Estonia, Greece and Macedonia. Goodbye to Yesterday is a catchy but high-quality song, with a little bit dark, soft rock melody but easily-memorible lyrics, and I love Stig's voice - his manner of singing, special for me so I'll discover his voice inmediately from the whole voices around. Maria-Elena's manner of singing is also very special. I think it is this reason that makes this song even better, though One Last Breath is already very powerful and touching. Autumn Leaves is the first song that came out as the presentation; in my opinion I prefer the original lyrics written in Macedonian, but with the English version's arrange. But whatever it changes, I think I'll still love this song, cuz Daniel is so cute!!! XD He can really sing powerfully.

If I have to add some songs more welcome to myself, perhaps it'll be Belgium. Actually I quite enjoy Rhythm Inside, but it's just because I haven't got used to this kind of songs yet, that makes the reason why I didn't put it right away in my favorites. But, I like Loïc Nottet. He's cute and seems to stand out with confidence. :)

Face The Shadow which originally named Don't Deny is a good song, but to me there're too many vocals in it and that makes the song lack its core. If it's sung in duet, that would be stunning indeed. Walk Along is a OK song for me, not so special but not unacceptable at first glance; however as I listen to it again and again, it becomes really annoying when the "waiy-yai-yai-yai-yaiy" part comes in. It totally drives me crazy :-( At last is the Moldova's song and Finland's song, but I prefer not to mention them. The former made me really mad (especially when the video came out, I was so angry...), and the latter just made me feel speechless. :-O


The second part will be these songs, singers that will present their country.

I'm Alive, singing by Elhaida Dani, Albania.


Time, singing by Uzari & Maimuna, Belarus.


The Way You Are, singing by Anti Social Media, Denmark.

Warrior, singing by Nina Sublatti, Georgia.


Wars for Nothing, singing by Boggie, Hungary.


De la capăt (All over Again), singing by Voltaj, Romania.

A Million Voices, singing by Polina Gagarina, Russia.


Beauty Never Lies, singing by Bojana Stamenov, Serbia.


Songs above are really GOOD and so hard for me to pick one as my favorite. If still have to choose, songs from Albania, Romania and Russia really win my heart. I'm Alive is really amazing, stunning and attractive without doubt, and Elhaida's voice really stands out. De la capăt's final version is mixed with Romanian and English, and fortunately seperate into mostly Romanian and some English, at last it ends in "De la capăt" which is sung in Romanian. I have to say, this is just I want to see, so I'm in euphoria from A to Z! Of course the message of the song has been praising already, and by the way, the vocal of VoltajCălin Goia, has really nice additude with sincere looking :-D At last but not the least, song from Russia again amazes me by this fantastic singer - Polina!! It's really warming, encouraging and comes powerful little by little. She's preety for sure, and the atmosphere really brings me hope :-) 

Well tambien I have songs that sounds also good for me while I'm still considering it for a better place or not. They are Time from Belarus and Warrior from Georgia. Actually these two songs are all attractive, especially when their music video sent out, I'm feeling WOW they really KILL many people right away, which means they are SO GOOD!!! I do love Uzari and Nina's voices, and I agree they deserve good order in list, but I really LOVE Albania, Romania and Russia's songs, so these 2 amazing songs will come after them. 

I DO like Boggie's Wars for Nothing as such a lovely and warming song it is, but the melody is soft and slow, I'm afraid that this won't make it to go to the final, though I enjoy it INDEED. The Way You Are is an OK song, not bad to listen, but nothings more to me. And about Serbia's song, I feel truely emptiness when I listend to its original version in Serbian - Ceo Svet Je Moj; however in English, MUCH BETTER, so I was confused since then. I think Bojana is really a good singer, but in Serbian version, her voice didn't stand out as bright as I thought it could be. Maybe it's because that version was shot in a contest, so the audio became worse in youtube :S Just don't know.


Therefore, I'm finger-crossing for these countries's being promoted: Estonia, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Russia, Belgium, Belarus, Georgia. There is still one more seat left; in my point of view, I'll give the chance to Serbia due to its English version. Their pics are shown below as a review. (Same pics lol sorry... so lack of time...)

  Thanks for your patience!! :D


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