Same as the First Semi Final, there'll be 2 part with a little break in the middle during the Second Semi Final. There're less songs - 16 songs fighting for promoteing to the final, but only 10 songs would get their ticket, and I have to announce right here: EACH OF THE SONG IN SECOND SEMI FINAL ARE EXTREMELY BRILLIANT, it's SO HARD and SO PAINFUL to pick only 10...... can we fix the rules, immediatley :'( ??

Alright, Here comes the fisrt half part of the Second Semi Final~

Hope Never Dies, from Marta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta, Czech Republic.


Playing with Numbers, from Molly Sterling, Ireland.


This Time, from Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila, Lithuania.


(Thery are no doubt SO LOVELY so that I have to put another photo here. And in the second picture the other one is named Mia; I have to admit that I love her voice indeed, especially when she sang "Feel My Love" in the red dress, that song made me fall in love with her immediately! But since the selection of Lithuania chose "This Time" as a song which will be performed in Vienna, I think Vaidas's voice suits that song the best, and with Monika, more charming and catchy... in a good way. ^_^)

Warrior, from Amber, Malta.


Adio, from Knez, Montenegro.


A Monster Like Me, from Mørland & Debrah Scarlett, Norway.


(This duo is so beautiful together and their song is SO ROMANTIC even if its lyrics is about sth the boy had done terriblly so that he wished his girlfriend-present would leave him alone, who had been such like a monster. When they earned the first prize, I really can't stop screaming!! It's really a perfect choice! Therefore I put another picture for celebrating their victory in Norsk Melodi Grand Prix :D )

Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa, from Leonor Andrade, Portugal.


Chain of Lights, from Michele Perniola & Anita Simoncini, San Marino.


Among songs above, I love songs from Czech Republic, Ireland, MaltaNorway, besides enjoy Montenegro's and San Marino's display.  Hope Never Dies really touched me, especially with Václav's forceful voice. Molly's manner of singing attracts me from the very beginning to the end; it actuallty gave me goose bumps!! Her song maybe not that catchy, but it touches people like a miracle, especially if you keep hearing Playing With Numbers once and once again. Malta's originol version of Warrior is SO POWERFUL and with HUGE PERSUASION; the new version wasn't that strong but more fluent. I still like it anyway. Besides I don't have to tell you my viewpoint anymore about Norway... just look at those words I typed above and then you'll get the idea! I really feel intoxicated while hearing Mørland's magnetic beginning, and when Debrah Scarlett's sound came out, I can finally say that this song really kills me in a good way, don't even mention the emotional chorus part. I LOVE THIS DUO.

Knez's voice is beautiful, and with the melody and lyrics created by Željko Joksimović MY LORD, I pretty like Adio. It's full of "The Balkan Elements", and I think this will really attracts people from Former Yugoslavia while voting, but honestly this year is full of GREAT GREAT songs and WONDERFUL ballads. Will Adio stand out?? I'm a little bit worried... because in my opinion a Balkan song usually isn't that catchy but lingering in human mind :S As for Chain of Lights, it's a kind of Baroque pop; I'm not used to this kind of songs before, but a few times later I start to believe that this is a beautiful song, but only in 4 mins version. The 3 mins version for ESC doesn't work that well for me. 

The Least song for me is Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa, and by the first time listening, I hated it (SO SORRY for being rude :'( ... I don't mean to... ). BUT!!!! This song is starting growing slowly in my mind. After hearing the pure audio version again and again, it gets better little by little, but that's just not enough. I love Portuguese very much - it's one of the language that I REALLY REALLY want to learn, but maybe it's because I heard the other songs in Festival da Canção 2015 first, and songs from Yola Dinis and Teresa Radamanto really made me enjoyed. Those "Modern" Fados sounds lovely indeed!! I think that's the main reason why I felt huge disappointed as the result came out. All in all, I don't expect Portugal would get their final ticket.


The second half part's songs and singers are written and picture-posted below~

Hour of the Wolf, from Elnur Hüseynov, Azerbaijan.


(The scary angel look is based on his performance in Eurovision2008; I like his voice but not that song, although it reached to 8th place for his country.)

One Thing I Should Have Done, from Giannis Karayiannis, Cyprus.


Unbroken, from María Ólafs, Iceland.


Golden Boy, from Nadav Guedj, Israel.


Love Injected, from Aminata, Latvia.


In the Name of Love, from Monika Kuszyńska, Poland.


Here for You, from Maraaya (Marjetka Vovk+Aleš Vovk/Raay), Slovenia.
BTW I have to warn you first --- I LOVE MARAAYA, so there gonna be LOTS of PHOTOS below!! <3



Maraaya and their music pupil - Ula Ložar, who presented Slovenia in JESC2014.
BTW, they've sung "Raise Like A Phoenix" together in their own way, and it stunned! Like it <3


Maraaya really attracts pepole cuz they are so real... I mean they display their personality genuinely :)

This picture took place at the EMA (Evrovizijska Melodija) which is the national contest in Slovenia to select their entry to ESC. Marjetka was really stunning and Raay also did a good job. No need to mention the amazing air-violinst girl!!! (You can see her from the former and latter pics) 

This is the time when the result was announced. Look at Raay's reaction!! :D
The man beside Marjetka is Rudi Bučar who placed second. I think it's a good place for him due to his contribution to the musical cultural heritage of Istrian, the peninsula between the coast od Slovenia and Croatia. Besides, his songs really make people feel comfortable :) 

I really love Raay's behavior. SO CUTE HE IS :D 

Heros, from Måns Zelmerlöw, Sweden.


(I LOVE HIS PERFORMANCE in Melodifestivalen 2015, especially his BIG SMILE with that CUTE ELECTRO SNOW MAN appearing at the smae time when the song came to the end!! SO CHARMING!!!!!! >///< )

Time to Shine, from Mélanie René, Switzerland.


THERE'S NO DOUBT THAT MY FIRST PLACE GOES STRAIGHT TO SLOVENIA!!! LOVE THEM TILL THE END!!! Maraaya's performance was so fantastic, stunning and fresh during the selection night, including the amazing air-violinist!!! When hearing Marjetka's voice at the first time, it was actually quite weird (but weird in a good way); but as listening more and more times again, I just can't stop falling love with them again and again!! Ohhh so hard to tell you how much I love them!! Plz, Ljubljana 2016!!! Por favor!!!

Except mt favorite Slovene song, songs above are actually all my tastes, besides Time to Shine. I'll talk about this song first - it's a good song indeed, but always annoys me with the "Going up, Going up" part in the chorus, such a pity :( ... Nevertheless, I appreciate her aboriginal costume in the music video ;) (I'm not sure if that's the custume from those aboriginal of Swiss. Well, at last it seems like to me, and don't force me to check it up the internet XD)

Now Time for other songs I like in the second part of the second semi final. First of all, Azerbaijan's singer Elnur is SO HANDSOME!!! QUE GUAPO ESTA!!! Even though their presenting song is made by Swedish again, it's still beautiful and powerful! I actually love Azerbaijan's presenter(s) and their songs almost every time, and this time is not an exception! :) He makes the song alive, which is the best part of all. Secondary, the cypriot singer Giannis surprises me - what a simple and warm song he sings!!! Unlike so many people depreciate his work, I think he's absolutely fabulous!!! :D This song TOUCHED ME EVERYTIME I HEARD, so I believe this will be an black horse, and hopefully going to the final. Now here comes María from Iceland. The first time I heard Unbroken, it seemd so-so to me, but as I checked up its lyrics and listened for another time, something changed, and I kinda felt like this will be ravishing on the stage! BTW, Friðrik Dór, the second place of Söngvakeppnin 2015, and Hera Björk, who sang "Je Ne Sais Quoi" for Iceland in 2010, will join María's performance as the backing choir! How sweet(and strong) this can be!

I find out that I've typed so many words in the paragraph above, hence I need to segment the total. Israel is the following country I want to talk about here. Don't be worried, cuz I LOVE THIS GOLDEN BOY!!! Yes he looks older, but his song can be described in only one word: "ASTONISHING"!!! I really can't wait to shake my stupid body in front of my computer when everytime he sings "I'm a golden boy... Come here to enjoy...", and I WANT HIM TO SHOW ME TEL AVIV!!! Coming up is a 22 years old girl with a powerful voice - Aminata from Latvia!!! I supported Markus in their national selection Supernova, but as I heard that mighty "Your love...... revives my soul......", I was totally crazy for her. However, she is unsafe too as Giannis from Cyprus, cuz this kind of music really polerizes people's feeling. Poland is the next and also the last order country in the second semi final. Monika tells a story that nobody should give up their courages, and we human beings are all connected together because of love, as the lyrics says: "Beyond the fear, let’s build the bridge. From heart to heart in the name of love." I'll tell you this is definitely impressive and touching. I think the audience will certainly be dissolved into her sound of singing as myself. And also, she gives a kiss to the pianist who is her husband in the end of her music video. That is really sweet <3

Well, finally here comes our popular Sweden!!! Dozens of people has joined "TEAMMANS" to express their support for Måns, and I totally understand why people do this so crazily as the situation of anarchism (without the nagetive meaning), because I love him too <3 As I told you before, I love his performance in Melodifestivalen 2015. He sang perfectly and tied in those electro efficacy, yet without those sparkling efficacy, his song Heros lacks of something that is hard to express in words. That's the reason why I placed Jon Henrik and Mariette in front of him in the Melodifestivalen. All I want to say is, I love Måns, I love his performance, but in my heart there's something missing so that I won't put him as my top1(Pero me sentí contento igualmente with all my favorites in the Melodifestivalen got in top3 in the end^^)


Thus, in the second semi final, I'll choose Czech Republic, Ireland, Montenegro, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Sweden and my favorite Slovenia as countries passing the semi final. But that surpass the limit, so I have to kick out 4 countries painfully, and they are Ireland, Montenegro, Cyprus and Latvia. My reason is that Three of them place worse in their order of appearance. Ireland place second, following by catchy and charmy Lithuania, which is very hard to capture people's sight. Then it comes Montenegro, and its lingering melody may not catch people's attention after the sentimental Playing with Numbers and metal-liked Baroque pop song from San Marino. One Thing I Should Have Done is simple but hard to hit into people's deep side of heart in the very first time. I think these 3 songs have to face the truth(I rather not use "problem") that their songs need to go for a long way to touch the deep part of those audience's mind, and in such an exciting contest, this would barely work out. But on the contrary, the Polish song orderd last so that people may easily remember it and feel it real due to her wheelchair(I'm not talking about sympathy, but to see is to believe, isn't it?). Love Injected is really hard to abandon, or if possible, Hope Never Dies may yield itself... but I truly hope not; it's been 5 years since Czech Republic withdrew their participation. I don't want them coming back with the best ever duo and best ever song but to be snookered in this kind of situation, but for Latvia...... same thing. Aminata shouldn't be punched for her excellent performance since she finally stood out from the wonderful and huge-improved national selection. Hence, I'm struggled with this situation...... Oh là là!! @@"

Same as before, these pics are the countries may enter into the final in my opinion:

And finally either  or 


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